About SOG

Soul Game (hereinafter referred to as SOG) is a blockchain soul game public chain based on blockchain technology. Through the development of the game's underlying public chain, SOG uses blockchain technology to create a blockchain game ecosystem platform that can break the pain points of the industry. The value of any game, recharge, and gold in the SOG game chain is entirely attributable to the player. It can be embodied as an efficient circulation of SOG public chain tokens.

The Meaning Of SOG

At present, the game industry is highly centralized, lacking an open industrial ecology and a set of economic ecosystems that can be widely traded. It is imperative to create a decentralized game-passenger trading system that can be traded across games across games.


SOG Vision

The ultimate vision of SOG is to reshape the value of the blockchain industry through the reform of the entertainment industry, to create an accelerated project from all ecological perspectives, to create a comprehensive game chain, to make the global blockchain and game hobby Together, we maintain the big ecology of the blockchain game we created.

Why are we different?

SOG leverages blockchain technology to provide a platform that can be fully trusted. Check out our white paper to learn more about the benefits of SOG.


Consensus Mechanism


The enhanced SH-DPoS consensus algorithm optimized by the SOG technical team increases the self-healing of the DPoS algorithm.

Social engagement

Digital Fingerprint


In the SOG account management system, the digital identity verification of the game player's personal identity, asset owner identity, and resource owner identity will be performed separately.

Unlimited winnings

Decentralized Computing Power Cluster

While continuing to optimize the consensus algorithm, SOG also developed a DCC+RDSN-based processing system.

Unique features

Redundant Distributed Storage Network

RDSN is a distributed versioned storage protocol that utilizes Hash-table technology to address the need for efficiency and stability.

Safe and transparent

Static Business Resource Summary Chain

Through the proprietary SBSC static service resource summary chain, SBSC packages the hash-encrypted index into blocks and saves them on the chain to achieve overall resource storage security.

Instant payouts

Low Frequency High Value Asset Chain

LSAC maintains the game value of the developer's own game, and the value assets obtained by the player are all stored in special asset data of high value and low calling frequency.

Vast ecosystem

Incentive Contribution Economic Model

The Resource Mining protocol in CREM defines the behavior of the providers of resources required by DCC and RDSN, and regulates the output of SOG through the MAP protocol.

Release Plan

SOG Pass is constantly issuing 10 billion pieces worldwide

Distribution Plan

More Information

Total Supply:10,000,000,000
Profit Repurchase:20% profit repurchase per year

Route Map

  1. We will complete public chain performance test, and optimize operation system

  2. We will organize and publish the latest white papers to build an autonomous, motivating community

  3. We will integrate market resources, conduct mergers and acquisitions on a global scale, and promote the SOG public chain.

  4. You can use SOG as currency for digital game financial market

  5. SOG public chain main network release, strengthen mobile application from the technical level, strengthen marketing promotion, internal community self-motivation and SOG public chain perfections

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the disvantages in the game industry?

At present, the disvantages of the game industry are mainly: the key data has black box operation, and can not prove fairness; the game industry is not booming; the players are not equal; the channel promotion efficiency is low.  

What are the advantages of blockchain?

The blockchain is essentially a decentralized database. It is a new application based on computer technology such as distributed data storage, point-to-point transmission, consensus mechanism, and encryption algorithm. At the same time, the blockchain also has the basic characteristics of openness, coordination, sharing, tamper resistance, traceability, etc. The blockchain establishes reliable trust between peers in the network.

What is the significance of the combination of blockchain and game industry?

Since the birth of Bitcoin, blockchain technology and digital currency have gradually become known to many people. At present, blockchain technology has not yet formed a scaled application, and truly valuable digital assets have not yet been established. In the game world, there are enough scenes and real needs of the user community, virtual commodity trading, token settlement, economic incentive mechanism and real demand. Therefore, the game field can be very suitable for the large-scale application of blockchain technology.  

What are the business processes of the SOG game ?

It can be divided into four parts: game chain, game download, game running and asset chaining.More details white paper

What is the future value of SOG?

In the community ecology created by SOG's unique collaboration mechanism, the value is efficiently circulated through SOG certification, which not only provides energy for the stability and development of the community itself, but also serves as the best window for the interaction between the entire SOG ecosystem and the outside world. Creating a comprehensive game chain, the global blockchain and game lovers can jointly maintain the blockchain game ecosystem we created.

How does SOG ensure that the data of each node is true and effective?

SOG provides a verification mechanism for data authenticity feedback verification through Automatic Compensation and Hash index, that is, each node must complete the complete data feedback through the Hash digest. Successful verification can be incorporated into the RDSN network..

What are the requirements for the three echelons of the SOG main chain?

The first echelon meets frequent, high concurrency, continuous and timely millisecond processing requirements; the second echelon meets the requirements of frequent, continuous timeliness and millisecond processing; the third echelon meets the millisecond processing.

How to perform digital fingerprint verification on the user's identity in the SOG account management system?

Personal identity information is verified by digital fingerprint signature, and interacts with LSAC through BGDK. The verified identity information will be stored in LSAC.

How does the RDSN classify storage requirements by the frequency of data calls?

The RDSN divides the storage requirements into high frequency,intermediate frequency,low frequency according to the frequency of data call, and optimizes the configuration for each type of different requirements. Equipped with a dedicated node "super miner" for high-frequency requirements, focusing on high-frequency interactive data to ensure high efficiency and stability; The intermediate frequency will deal with interactive data of if large data volume through large-scale intelligent hardware with large capacity;The low frequency requirements will be stored redundancy through external distributed network to deal with the low frequency and frequency free requirements

How to get in touch with us?

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